“A life into which a cat walks is forever changed.”Kitty Karma—a selection of twenty-nine stories celebrating all things feline—will warm the heart of anyone who’s ever been owned by a cat. Featuring stories from award-winning writers, journalists, cat rescuers, animal communicators, and cat owners, this uplifting and thought-provoking collection of cat-themed tales celebrates the amazing and indescribable bond between cats and the people who love them.


In “The Catman of Aleppo,” an ambulance driver and first responder rescues and cares for abandoned and injured cats in war-torn Syria. In “The Magnifcat,” a churchgoing black domestic shorthair named Whiskers keeps a world-renowned organist on his toes.


In “Coffee and Cats @ Southpaw,” residents of a local nursing home, college students, and those with autism and brain injuries interact with the feline residents of a cat café.


In “Real Men Love Cats” and “The Pride,” cat daddies talk about why they adore their cats because real men absolutely love cats!


From adventurous cats that sail and hike to the devastating plight of cats that are euthanized and abandoned, these stories will move you to laughter and tears as they reveal cats at their most whimsical, heartwarming, exasperating, and heartbreaking—but always lovable.


Net proceeds from the book will be donated to charities dedicated to the welfare of abandoned, homeless, ill, and disabled cats.

Kitty Karma: Big Stories of Small Cats Who Change Our Lives

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